The Power of Video in the Corporate World

Of all the multimedia tools we have in our arsenal, video is without doubt the most engaging, as it captures the senses temporarily, and if the film is well made, it will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. If you are looking to create that corporate image, take your ideas to a videographer, and one that has extensive hands-on experience in the corporate world.

  • Creating the Image – Maybe you want your customers to feel safe, or you wish to project the innovative side of your organisation, whatever your goals, an experienced videographer could create a work of art. Delivering your message in the most powerful of ways, with a carefully choreographed few minutes that really say what you want the customer to know.
  • The Storyboard – Once an idea emerges, the expert would put together a storyboard, images that depict the content, and at this stage, colours, lighting and sound would all be factored into the timeline. This would provide the foundation for the theme, and once that is done, the videographer would put together the set, and choose locations, preparing for the shooting sessions.
  • Digital Video Editing – This is where the technician works his magic, with additional audio tracks and state of the art video transitions, while also adding special effects. The finished production can be exported to many formats, ready for distribution. Searching for corporate videos in Stirling is not difficult with an online search, as there are a few professionals that service clients in the region.

You may wish to have a DVD cover produced and have the video included in your sales presentation packs that all new customers receive.